Expanded Eye are a free-thinking multidisciplinary duo.

Forthcoming events 2016:

February 11-27: Beyond this Place, Solo Exhibition, AdhocPad Vienna

April 2-30: group exhibition, Vertical Gallery, Chicago

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For more info please see our Facebook page or email info@expandedeye.co.uk

To purchase works visit our online store or full catalogue available upon request: expandedeye.bigcartel.com

Tattoo Info:

Each and every unique tattoo created is our visual interpretation of concepts and stories provided by the client which hold significant meaning to the individual. We encompass as much personal detail possible whilst allowing each design to evolve organically into a contemporary piece of art, which we then transfer from paper to skin.

Please send your story/concept and body placement in the first email to info@expandedeye.co.uk. We kindly ask you not to overly concern yourself with the aesthetics (that's our job) but to rather focus on what you want your tattoo to represent.

We take on very few projects out of the vast amount we receive in order to give each client the time and energy they deserve.

Please be patient when awaiting a response from us.

Please note: With the greatest respect, under no circumstances will we create artwork to be tattooed by your local tattooist.