Wednesday, 7 October 2015

la dolce vita

La Dolce Vita expresses the wonderful life amongst plants and trees that woodland dwelling botanist Gavin has created for his family. Inspired by his love of the Vienna Secessionist art Period, we encapsulated his passions and talismans - poetry, wildflowers, the self-sufficiency of his permaculture garden and Goldfinches that carry the souls of lost loved ones.

'the love we give out is stronger than our own being. It makes me think of my Grandmother who I lost when I was a teenager, what survives of her is the love of plants that she engendered into me.  By the same token, the things that I have poured my love into will be the things that live after me; the trees I have nurtured and planted, and my two year old daughter Vita.'

What will survive of us is love.