Sunday, 14 June 2015

boundless perspective

Seaman Yiannis told us of the hardships and heartache endured whilst out to sea.

One day however, as his vessel was anchored outside the port of Valencia, he saw the whole city covered in fireworks. Watching the city burst into colour from a vessel 8 miles out to sea, brought the realisation that not a single person at that moment was either looking, thinking or even aware of their existence out there. That was the moment he gained a whole new perspective.

"Every single thing in this life can be seen, observed, thought, examined from infinite angles and points of view. Even if it is an object, a sight, a story, a person, an idea, the life itself. The world we live in has about 7 billion different realities, each for every person, each with its own colours and each as equal. Everything is relative."

This is Yiannis' philosophy of life and will serve as a reminder of his inner strength during his next voyage.

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