Thursday, 9 April 2015

the evolving self

As cognitive scientist Lennart tries to come to a better understanding of the processes behind perception and action as part of his evolving love for his field of study, his other passion - an obsession with movement, circus and especially juggling, has led him to the following discovery.

"The realisation that everyone has a set of more or less fixed personalities that constantly evolve has made it possible to attach less and less to a fixed concept of myself.
But rather play/ juggle different versions of myself without identifying too much. Suffering seems to me is exactly a strong identification with a specific personality or aspect thereof and therefore the inability to let yourself change and evolve. The stronger your identification is the less flexible you are in your approach to life. "

By following Lenny's advice, we can free our minds not only from suffering, but also illusions of identity such as ethnocentricism and identification with one's possessions. Only then can we reduce the oppression, exploitation and inequality that are woven into the fabric of society.