Wednesday, 11 March 2015

to see the world

This piece is a first for us. A story told through the eyes of another. 

We first illustrated Illias' story last March, depicting his emotions following the love and loss of the man he greatly looked up to - his father. This year Illias informed us that his younger sister and sole sibling, Enya, wished to tell her story.

When we received Enya's heartfelt letter, it was so natural and necessary for us to create this for her. Her poetic words spoke of the good days; when she is proud of her brother,  proud of herself - feeling strong, wise and experienced. 
In contrast to the bad days - falling out of the tree into the darkness of the night that surrounds her,  unable to swim against the sea that engulfs her. Quoting Illias' use of 'waldeinsamkeit', she spoke of a moon shining very brightly between the stars. 'But when the lonely hours strike me, the moon is gone. Sometimes so quickly that I’m still blinded by looking to it I cannot even see the stars anymore.'

Relating to a line from a song she holds dear - I climbed a tree to see the world(To Build a Home by The Cinematic Orchestra),  Enya found her way up that tree after all that she has been through, able to enjoy the breathtaking views that make her realise that the world and life are still beautiful.

With her precious jewelery box of memories, Enya wishes to choose her own path like a bird flying through the sky, with her tattoo as her moon, guiding her through those dark nights.

Illias Teirlinck, 2015

Illias Teirlinck, 2015


Illias travelled to London with Enya from Belgium, capturing the whole experience wonderfully through the lens for De Morgen newspaper.