Saturday, 28 March 2015

lucid love

Visualising the beauty and intensity of the dream world. Read Evan's fascinating account below:

"It's about an average man, who lives an average life. He has no wife and no kids. But one day he lies in his bed and falls asleep, he finds himself in a completely different world far more beautiful then anything he has ever seen. He soon figures out that he can somehow control his surroundings and even travel through time. Absolutely stunned from the worlds beauty, he starts to travel all around the world and is just enjoying the prettiness of his surroundings.
The next day he wakes up in his ugly and gray world..believing that it was all just some kind of a lucid dream. He goes to work and does his daily chores, realizing how beautiful it was in his dream. The next evening as he goes to bed, he wakes to find himself in exactly the same world he was in the last time. Overflowing with joy, he starts to run around and breath the fresh air, which seemed to be absolutely free from all the exhaust that was in his native land. In his travels, he meets a girl so pretty and endearing he falls in love at first sight. He promises her that they will explore the world together, so they start to travel around. On their journey, he fell in love with her more and more. It felt so real to him that he began to believe that it was real and with that, came the great disappointment he woke up and realized that it wasn't reality. 

The following evening,
when he went to the bed and closed his eyes, he found himself back in this absolutely stunning world. Everything he could see seemed so untouched by humans and beautiful, the birds were singing and animals were running around everywhere. He took a deep breath and started to look for the girl he met, he soon found her laying on a field in the sun. He took her hand and told her, that he would like to go on a trip. As she nodded, he started to travel through time with her. They went back in time, went to the most breathtaking places they could find and just wanted to see everything there was to see; from the highest mountains to the longest beaches and from the deepest forests to the deepest ocean. It was amazing, but he felt like something was wrong.. How could he be with her, if they were in a time where they haven't even met?...
Then he heard his alarm clock and woke up. He still was paralyzed by the scenic beauty he had just seen, so he sat a few minutes in bed before he got up and went to work. During the day he suddenly had an idea.. what if his bed is some kind of portal between these two worlds? Could he bring her to his world?
So obsessed of this idea, he ran home after work and went straight to bed, but this time he held his blanket and pillow in his hands, so he could bring them with him. He was hoping that if he could get into this world through his bedding, then she should be able to come to his world as well. He closed his eyes really tight and waited until he fell asleep. As he opened his eyes and looked down, he saw that he was still holding his pillow. 

A tear of happiness ran down his cheek.
He couldn't wait anymore, so he ran to find the girl. When he found her, he explained his plan on how to get her into his world. At first she was confused, but then she accepted it. They tried and tried, however, nothing worked. At that point, a very tall and extremely skinny person with sunken cheeks and no eyes appeared and explained to him that it was impossible to transport another soul out of this world..."