Tuesday, 30 December 2014

sans patrie

We were asked us to explore the iconic phrase 'sans patrie/without homeland' from a new artistic perspective.

The phrase once expressed a way of rebellion, defined as 'he who has legally no patria, or denies all patria'. This concept is particularly important to Sarah, who, as a migrant herself, specialises in the field of plural identities, migration and métissage.

Believing that in current times, 'sans patrie' could finally express a way of being free from nationalistic attachment, as we 
move beyond the concept of one nation-one belonging, through the acceptance of cohesive and diverse transnational identities.

Friday, 12 December 2014

biffy clyro barrowlands screenprint

We were asked by Biffy Clyro to create a screenprint based on our visual interpretation of the Blackened Sky and Puzzle album covers for their very special one-off Barrowlands Glasgow show.

Below is a preview of the limited 200 edition A2 screen print signed and numbered and available to purchase in our online store from tomorrow.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

fallen blossom

This piece represents a defining moment for Greenpeace actions manager and lover of Japanese culture, Nikki, who was in the field in Fukushima after the great Tōhoku earthquake tsanami.

Overwhelmed by the power of nature, she told not only of the devastated landscape but how the resilience of people defies all odds to come together in times of crisis and need.

Whilst radiation monitoring, she found a beautiful old wooden Kokeshi doll amongst the destruction. She brushed off the sand and underneath the faded Sakura showed through. This small doll now travels with her - as a symbol of hope.

'Speak of the triumph of the human spirit over selfishness and death'.