Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Wonderfully eccentric English gentleman Josh contacted us with another of his fascinating concepts which we thoroughly enjoyed illustrating. Please find his delightful email below...

Gaia, Needles Side, Thonon-les-Bains, France

"The female subject is Engulfed by an exotic jungle far away from anywhere. As she stands buried in what we call nature, she is >
Isolated in a moment of time submersed in seemingly her own consciousness, reality appears to abruptly expand, her seams of perception rip to reveal & showcase the "designers" intentions, mother earths own living, moving, pragmatic monumental life machine..
The sheer depth and intricacy patterns colour's and wildlife all seemingly with its own agenda and purpose vibrating in perfect chaotic harmony.
Does it just so happen that a plant has roots to collect water which enables it to grow and water just so happens to fall from the sky, the sky just so happens to have a ball of gas called the Sun floating in it. Plants just so happen to produce oxygen. Why does it all have to appear so stunning?
The female subject is a pilot on an ancient futuristic trip. A celebration of mother earth's art!"

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