Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Illias wrote to us expressing his heartfelt emotions following the recent death of his father. The deeply touching and personal letter spoke of his love and loss of the man he greatly looked up to. Feeling as though he is drowning in the desolation, he expressed his existential feelings regarding his oneness with nature unaffected by man and ‘Waldeinsamkeit’: “the feeling of being alone in the woods.”

Shortly after the occurrence, Illias questioned his human existence having got lost in very dark woods.  Eventually he found the walking trail through as birds were singing under an ever shining sun.
Recognising himself in the shadow of his father, Illias knows he has to go on, keeping his head up like his father had to - looking up to sublime nature and this extraordinary world.

The tattoo and memories of his father are Illias' survival guide for existenceWishing to find a harmony between living in a modern city whilst experiencing his dependence to nature to its fullest, Illias hopes his tattoo will give him the energy to go on, pursuing the freedom his father gave to him. 

"People are allowed to get lost. In these moments we give thought to our lives and we see our own faults. But we have to find the way out of the dark woods on time. "