Monday, 12 May 2014

The Silent World

After visiting our 'A Thousand Fibres' London Exhibition last summer, Norwegian Simen contacted us for a tattoo. He provided us with two lines from a Kipling poem which served as was the foreword to one of the two books his father gave him as a child that sparked his interest in sharks.
As a hyperactive and fearless youngster, one of Simen's favourite activities was free diving.  The books 'Great shark stories' by Ron and Valerie Taylor and 'The Silent World' by Jacques Cousteau magnified his underwater love. It was here he found the Kipling poem, which, having never felt fear before (which Simen claims is due to his ADHD), truly fascinated him.

But thy hands are loosed and weak, and the blood has left thy cheek—        15
  It is Fear, O Little Hunter, it is Fear!