Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Earth's Endless Paradoxes

a quest for creativity
hidden in simplicity
a battle of feelings and words
thoughts and sounds
imagination and image

an attempt to explain the earths endless paradoxes
a world of endless evil
sheltered by the good's retrieval
of happiness and compassion
from depravity and pain
a world drained by financial gain
our sin is the yin
time will tell if we can be the yang

Sam sent us these thought-provoking words he had written, requesting us to create a piece based on the second stanza of the poem  - "the earth's endless paradoxes".  These paradoxes, as Sam explained,  exist in everyone's mind; the everyday tug of war between what we choose to perceive as good / evil and all the grey areas in between. Ultimately,  goodness has to come from within on a personal level before it can be spread to others.