Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Milano Tattoo Convention 2014

Ben contacted us about the Jewish concept of "mensch", which he described to be a virtuous, upstanding man, with a high level of awareness of right and wrong who won't hesitate to go through difficulties, physically or spiritually when it's the right thing to do. Despite being an atheist, the concept is part of his roots and has been important to Ben throughout his life particularly regarding his Jewish mother during her final years.
The tattoo depicts Ben's relation to this concept - learning to accept his feelings after years of burying away in his subconscious, to let them grow without being controlled by find a middle ground, a balance. Much like his view of the world - ruled by emotions and individual decisions rather than a global vision, like a ship without a captain or too many captains. To improve the world we have to improve ourselves individually, to cultivate personal feelings and go beyond them to do what is morally right for the greater good.