Saturday, 15 March 2014


Lovely Stef travelled from the Highlands of Scotland to have us depict her fascination with lighthouses, compasses, and the book that changed her life - 'Lighthousekeeping' by Jeanette Winterson.  As the deep diver for her feelings, Winterson's poetic prose and stories play a vital part in Stef's life.

“There it is; the light across the water. Your story. Mine. His. It has to be seen to be believed. And it has to be heard. In the endless babble of narrative, in spite of the daily noise, the story waits to be heard.

Some people say that the best stories have no words. They weren't brought up to Lighthousekeeping. It is true that words drop away, and that the important things are often left unsaid. The important things are learned in faces, in gestures, not in our locked tongues. The true things are too big or too small, or in any case is always the wrong size to fit in the template called language.”