Sunday, 19 January 2014

yes. can. do

This piece tells the touching story of Mike's loving tribute to his dear younger brother Tom.... better known as Stashwell - Bristol legend, all-round life and soul of the party and the musical force behind the brilliant Dance-Off. Those fortunate enough to encounter these guys at UK festivals will be acquainted with the big laughs and big tunes they bring by the bucketload.

Mike wanted us to capture the life and spirit of Tom, who tragically passed away in 2011, vowing to embrace his positivity, energy, laughter, warmth and lust for life.

Inspired by the immutable truth of the universe that energy never ceases to exist, combined with Mike's love of astronomy, geometry and the deep passion for music the brother's shared, we depicted Tom's favourite catchphrase 'yes, can do'....turning Mike's shoulders into a cosmic vinyl made from Tom's celestial energy as the motivational driving force for him to embrace his brother's positivity and not settle for anything less than absolute happiness.

It was an honour to create something so intimately personal and meaningful and send much love to the many lives that Tom touched.

Mike's pre-existing 'Stashwell' tattoo now incorporated as part of the piece