Thursday, 6 June 2013

Beneath a Steel Sky

Priyesh sent us a short story he had written of which we had the absolute pleasure to read and illustrate. 

It tells the tale of a troubled soul whom, overwhelmed by his insignificance struggles to find any meaning in life. He embarks on a one-man mission to build a suicidal spaceship,  yet this paradoxical new found purpose rekindles the spark of life within him.

"I stare at this world wanting to create something beautiful; an
expression of idea, a form for frustration, emotion, conclusion; the
unknown, the inexpressible – a piece of art, a grand gesture – all
violins and strings and triumph!
I will build a spaceship: use what’s left of my brief candlelight to
explore that vast shadow. And when it flickers out, I will be cremated
out there, my graveyard among long-dead stars shining back their
epitaphs. I will face my only certainty – my fragile mortality, the
thought of my inevitable death – with a big Fuck You: a beautiful

You can find the full story here