Monday, 28 January 2013

take wing

This piece represents the customer's fascination with the beautiful and majestic owl. As a shy and introverted person she feels an affinity with the mysterious bird - wishing to own one (a keen Harry Potter fan) as well as to be one - often dreaming to escape at night, to cross the mediterranean sea to see her loved ones. The message in the artwork is that you already are the owl you wish to own - free to follow your spirit.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

honey trap

This design symbolises living with diabetes. A mascot and reminder for the wearer - the sweetest honey comes at a price....

Monday, 21 January 2013

just madrid 2013

Upcoming exhibition in Madrid guys! we will be presenting new works at Just Madrid Contemporary Art Fair Feb 14-17 alongside the amazing Aëla Labbé...preview coming soon.....

Friday, 18 January 2013

pixie willow

We collaborated on this award-winning design (but mostly Jade) to tell the story of a young couple embarking on their journey as a family since the delivery of their first born, Pixie Willow. 

Thursday, 17 January 2013


We won Best Avant-garde award at Tattoo Freeze 2013....whoop whoop!
Photos and story behind the artwork coming soon...

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

the best things in life aren't things.....

Our latest paste up depicting our consumer society's sickening obsession with material possessions which is all the more evident at christmas time as people feel compelled to 'prove' their love with untold amounts of meaningless items.

a capitalist christmas

You can never get enough of what you don't need. Our newest paste up depicting our culture's consumer-driven capitalist christmas - a celebration of unbridled greed. Hanbury Street,  London

needles side expo

Photo by Ulrich Choffat

photo by Ulrich Choffat

photo by Ulrich Choffat