Sunday, 20 November 2011

corporate gallery

Below are the first in a series of textual lino prints.

The aim is to showcase these around London in an attempt to highlight the greed of the banks and to encourage our apathetic nation to WAKE UP and smell the bullshit that spews from the lips of our corporation run government. We decided the best way we could do this was to use corporate premises as an art gallery and where better than Canary Wharf. We were greeted with smiles and friendly faces - detect sarcasm. On the contrary of course as we were met with cold faces, a soulless landscape, grey grey grey and security cameras literally everywhere. However, nothing prepared us for the constant interrogation we were about to encounter from numerous police, plain clothed security and fancy dressed feds (i.e. Canary Wharf security uniform which is (coincidentally I'm sure) almost identical to real police uniform). Suffice to say our plan didn't last long as we were rudely told that due to terrorism laws and through fear of the occupation, we were banned from taking photos of our art. In a 'free' country Canary Wharf paints a very chilling picture of a dystopian future. The term police state spring to mind anyone? On the plus side, Occupy are instilling fear into the hearts of these giants. They are scared and so they should be.