Wednesday, 20 July 2011

infinite eternal existence

Following on from last years sgp installation and our continued fascination with the illusion of time, our latest piece urges gardeners to free themselves from the constraints of the clock and rid themselves of the shackles of time once more.

In Herman Hesse's Siddharta, the soon to become Buddha realises that once the measurement of time is waived, the past and future are ever present - like the river, which at one and the same moment exists not only where he sees it to be, but also at its source and at its mouth.

The perception of time passing from present moment to present moment is an artefact of our psychology, the secret lies in breaking away from the dimension of time as we normally conceive it made up of hours, numbers, seconds..and discover the warped tick tocking of timelessness.

We are making huge steel birdcages from scratch which we will fill with vintage clocks and antique clock mechanisms, giant cogs and roman numerals. The birdcages will hang beautifully from a great tree by chains and will also be wrapped in chains to show that time does not exist or belong here and that we are prisoners no longer, free to explore timeless, limitless frontiers.