Wednesday, 20 April 2011

boycott bp

This piece marks a year since the BP Deepwater Horizon catastrophe - the largest marine oil spill in human history which killed 11 workers and spilled 4.9 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico causing devastating damage to fragile ecosystems and local communities.

The Corexit used by BP to 'clean up' the oil is banned in the UK as a dangerous and toxic substance and its negative ecological and human health impacts are well documented. It disperses the oil, neither eliminating nor decreasing its toxicity. However, BP chose to spray millions of gallons of it into the Gulf so that the water would look cleaner on the surface - in reality sending much of the oil to the sea floor and out to sea, into the food chain and eventually into us. 

In the last year BP has increased investment in dangerous and unethical tar sands
extraction in Canada, it was shown to be a key backer of Mubarak’s repressive regime in Egypt and to have broken international rules governing its human rights responsibilities, plus attempting to commence drilling for oil in the Arctic Ocean. As the BP vampires continue to destroy ecosystems, communities and the climate with their ever
 more crippling methods of obtaining what ought to be left in the ground, we must fight for our planet and all of our sake, fight to move beyond petroleum.