Monday, 12 July 2010

The illusion of TIME

We are thrilled to have our artwork installed at Secret Garden party festival this year. The theme being Fact or Fiction, we have chosen to explore the concept of time and invite viewers to question time and reality as we know it. 
As human beings in the 21st century we have become slaves to time and all that it stands for. We are constantly running out of time just as the grains of sand in the hourglass pour into the past. The world of clocks is the one of people who are short of time.
In this materialistic world we have created, time equals money and money equals greed as few people have the time to consider this beautiful world we live in and the possibilities of the unknown, because we have blocked our doors of perception.  We urge the gardeners to WAKE UP to this notion and throw time out of the window.
Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. 
Einstein proved that time was relative but we want viewers to venture beyond our physical universe and boundaries of what we consider reality, to break the shackles and escape time. We want gardeners to explore the realms of spirituality, ideas that our modern age has turned its back on. In Hindu and Buddhist religion life and death are merely an illusion…when we overcome time, we become immortal. 
So....forget what you know or what you think you know. Leave your watches in your tents and rid yourselves of the shackles of time, for it no longer exists for you and I. Delve into a timeless world of wonderment and venture beyond the boundaries of time and reality. 
‘Fuck the Clock’ urges you to think, to evoke debate, to question viewpoints.  We want viewers to genuinely engage and interact with the piece; to learn, to inspire, to be inspired, to question philosophies, and ultimately open their doors of perception.
Free thinkers welcome.