Wednesday, 12 May 2010

everyone dies but not everyone lives....

Once upon a time in a far eastern land,  a chance meeting changed our lives forever. Whilst seeking refuge under a large tree to escape the monsoon, we were fortunate enough to encounter two charming, young Khmer men, who we found ourselves a lot in common. We expressed our interest in volunteer work without falling into the tourist trap. To our delight they invited us to live and work in a remote village where volunteers had never before travelled, and where some locals had never encountered Westerners.  We stayed with the village chief and his entire family, and were too treated like family.  We taught art and English at  two schools,  planted rice and ploughed the fields.  One of the schools was without a name, so we aptly named it 'Samrong Village School of Opportunity' and made a sign from salvaged timber and the few art materials we had. This is one of our proudest moments, to leave a legacy for other travellers to continue what we started.  We were lucky enough to experience and immerse ourselves in Khmer culture not as  tourists but as members of the community.  These people have nothing but will welcome you into their home and offer you their last grain of rice,  an attitude seldom embraced in our Western culture.  It is a privilege and an honour to give something back to such kind, genuine people.....The moments we shared will stay with us forever.

Since our departure, a website has been has been built, informing visitors about the village and its people. It also features a tribute to us and can be viewed at